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Re: Thanks to all who have contributed so far, and without an alias, and...

Posted 5/14/2012 at 6:29:11 AM

I have found the current handwringing campaign of "MnGopher" (not his real name) about the lack of civility on the meaasge boards, to be amusing.  His most recent cry for help apparently began with several clumsy attempts to "help" Hillary by scolding several people who did not agree with her postings.  He didn't "help" Hillary with his tirades about other posts.  Instead, he demonstrated his belief that dumping on someone is OK, if that person disagrees with you.  

In other words, if YOU criticize MnGopher or Hillary, YOU are a troll and should be complained about to TER and the object of a mass uprising of the "good" people.  On the other hand, if MnGopher or Hillary criticize YOU, that is OK because YOU are a troll, posting under an alias, and undeserving of an opinion.  In addition, YOU should be reported to TER, and removed.

MnGopher is like an arsonist crying "fire" in a crowded theater.


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