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How negative this board has become?

Posted 5/13/2012 at 7:14:04 AM

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I've been here 9 years under one handle or another, and do not remember a time when "No one got attacked when they were seeking advice." There has always been trolls, always been drama, always been aliases, always been threads complaining about all of the above. The difference is people used to have thicker skin.

What do you mean by "attacked"? It's not as if someone is jumping out from behind the bushes and hitting folks in the knee with a pipe wrench. It's just words on a screen.

Once upon a time if someone got out of pocket, the other person didn't play the victim, or disappear, they fired back, ESPECIALLY the providers, or ignored them all together...and that was that. Some people take this shit WAY too seriously.

The only thing that I think is really missing around here, are the mini's. There used to be a handful of bold TOFTT players that regularly posted 411 on the latest and greatest...or not so great...that - the most useful part of this board - is gone now. Now it's "Anybody seen hooker X?" followed by "Hey dumbshit, check Google/tine-eye/three threads down/old reviews/ we know nothing, go see hooker Z instead."

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