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The perils of a hobby email! 

Posted 5/8/2012 at 8:14:25 AM

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I maintain a dedicated e-mail address, reserved just for the hobby, using a different server from any of my other e-mail accounts; indeed, I use a separate browser for my hobby activities, too (and clear the history each time, of course).  

I get plenty of junk e-mail there, which I just delete.  But, twice, several months apart, I received notification that I had actually won an Apple iPad.  I poked around, and it seemed legit.  It was not couched in the "You may have won..." language, but directed me to a Web page to enter my name, address, etc.  (They needed my address to ship the iPad to.)  There was no fine print about this being a marketing promotion, and this being one of several possible prizes I could win.  It did not ask me for any bank or credit card info.  I've only received the notification twice, so it's not one of these mass deals that I see multiple times a day in pop-up ads or the like.  So, it looked legit to me.  

The catch?  They reserved the right to use my name and image in any way they wanted to in publicizing this.  So, here I was: confronted with the prospect of having my real name and address trumpeted about, as a winner of the [insert server name here] iPad.  If anyone I know were to see this, they'd wonder, "Why is he using [this server]?  I thought he was on [another server]!"

So, what did I do?  

Ignored my free iPad and go about my business.  

Anyone else have any similar experiences?


P.S.: Oh, yes: I'm still mourning my "lost" iPad!  


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