Re: Happy Birthday Miss Lady:)
Portia Eden See my TER Reviews 621 reads

You can dip your cookies in my milk anytime you want!!

klumberg676 reads

Happy birthday to an absolutely GREAT lady!!  Your not getting older your getting BETTER
Like I've told you before you look more beautiful everytime I see you....you are pure TNT!!

mark.4444794 reads

to a stunning, ever so fun, complicated, spontaneous and interesting creature. Hope you have a fabulous day!

bigdell1113 reads

Portia  Hope you are having a great day, with many more happy ones to come.  And I hope I can help you enjoy many more of them.  COOKIE

You can dip your cookies in my milk anytime you want!!

Birthday lickings, birthday spankings, and the days not over yet!!!
My birthday has been ASS good as I thought it would be!!!

Thank you to my very special friends that have made it be so great!


that nobody wished me a Happy F***ING Birthday on here.

cuz that's what I had,  so There.   I think it was my best birthday ever.   for real.      


klumberg642 reads

Well if I didn't say it before I meant to   Happy F***ING Birthday!!!
And thank you!

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