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TS Ana-Sophia-Roxanne Exposed as same person - mediocre reviews

Posted 7/13/2002 at 7:58:41 AM

How quickly we forget, and the poorly reviewed providers count on it.
Sophia has a few reviews on SER, uniformly poor, about bad rushed service, totally limp, and the continued use of three names as if she thinks guys are total morons.
There must have been four separate threads on SER about that.
Rushing guys out after 20 minutes.
Her actual roommate in South Florida - Leila-Katherine- and some third name - Mya - has a few decent reviews. They never answer e-mails encouraging them to think about customer service.
I think they dropped their e-mail service.
And, to top it off, they make no effort to learn to speak English, so we cannot communicate and reason with them in any event.
All in all it sucks. Actually they don't, or not very well, and that too is part of the problem. LOL
Just remember when you see those glamour picks, that you're walking into a bum's rush and they'll send you packing in 20 minutes without your hard earned money.

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