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Thank you! 

Posted 4/21/2012 at 2:04:41 PM

Thank you. I've heard from many guys that they try to steer away from the 21, 22 year olds.  Many girls my age don't understand that there is more to a session than grabbing the donation and giving the least amount of work until the session is over. You guys work hard for you're money, and don't deserve to throw it away on a lame session or a girl who doesn't enjoy sex. I'm naturally kinky, and bubbly. I enjoy meeting new people and learning new things from guys from all different walks of life. A lot of guys when they contact me ask me if I mind seeing an older guy? To be honest, no offense to my younger gentlemen I see, but the older guys really treat me like a queen. I've had some of the longest, most memorable sessions with my clients 37 and up. I've been able to confide in a few select guys, and talk as if we were long lost friends. Sometimes time doesn't always permit, but I don't mind if a guy stays 10-15minutes over just to chat and relax. I hear so many stories of girls rushing guys out the door and being rude. I've been through a lot in my life, and was raised with good morals which helped me in this career. I like being one of the young women who stands out from the rest, not just because of my looks but how I treat others. I'm going to keep offering my 9 and 10 sessions until I decide to leave this hobby. You all deserve it.

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