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I don't mind either, but...

Posted 6/12/2012 at 8:39:24 PM

Some guys are allergic to certain perfumes, so that can be a problem. I don't care much for different scents, my wife wears "Sweet Honesty" which I really like. Lipstick I can take or leave, I much prefer a natural look on the ladies.

Traces of evidence aren't a problem, because I only participate with permission from my wife.


Posted By: palomam
I would like to ask the guys and the gals here on the board, do you prefer us (providers) to not wear perfume or lipstick? I am under the impression that most guys will say that they don't want to take home any "evidence".. I never wear it myself, but I wonder if there are some discrepancies across the community.
Your input is greatly appreciated!


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