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Oh I have my own collection

Posted 6/12/2012 at 3:20:39 PM

Last Christmas a sweet friend of mine bought me the Couture Wand. I explained I really wanted a hitachi wand that was plug in and was thrilled when I got a smaller one. Not only is it my favorite color it is great for traveling.

I use to have a silver bullet and I wore the thing out...no fret...I got another one. I truly love this one when I am all alone and with my friends. Many times the guys are intrigued by what kind of toys do we have as many have not experienced toys of any nature to enhance the sexual experience.  I also have anal beads that are a vibrator and love to use them on me as well as my gents.  The vibration on certain parts WILL send them over the edge with an intense orgasm.

While I agree as well that I am also multi orgasmic when things are more than just right and prefer the real thing, having some extra fun with toys is a wonderful addition!!

I love it when my friends come see me and want to see my toy collection...now I have other things that I want and can't wait to add them to my collection..

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