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There is a HUGE difference.

Posted 3/14/2012 at 9:49:43 AM

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I have had one true SD/SB relationship that lasted 3 years. I had a second one last fall that lasted two months.  The first one was not a provider in any sense - more of a mistress with all the social and sexual benefits.  The second one was a very UTR provider with 1-2 clients concurrently, and after awhile just got to be too expensive given the current economy.  Both were young knockouts.  BOth were students, and the second one did professional modeling.  

In the first case, it cost me about 1500 a month in a "shopping" budget plus all the costs of hotels, dinners, entertainment, and yes, trips to Vegas.   Probably in total about 3,000 a month and at least 4 dates per month that were real dates, entire evenings and many overnights.  The second case cost me 500 a week, with virtually unlimited access, usually two dates per week with an occasional overnight.  No shopping but that was coming along with a plan to go on a weekend trip.  

Try getting those kinda deals from the typical providers we see advertizing on here.  Now there are definitely providers who have gone UTR or have "retired" when a sugardaddy with deep pockets has come along and who is willing to pay enough for exclusivity on an ongoing bases.  Its one of the primary reasons that we see some providers disappear for a year or two and then resurface.  

Its all about the money either way and each lady has their own objectives.  The ones whose primary source of income is as a provider need a whole lot more money to replace the high level of income they are accustomed to otherwise.  Then there are those who only need a modest amount of financial help and are looking for more of a friend-with-benefits type thing.  You will find both types on the SD/SB sites, but only the first case in the typical "hobby" sites like this one.  I have also found both types on Livelinks, a paid phone chat line where all types may be there from time to time from crack ho's, to escorts, to just lonely women looking for an LTR, to sugarbabies.  Its where I found my first mistress.  

Good luck.

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