Strap-on play
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Interested in trying out a little strap-on play. Anyone know what SouthWest Florida providers will accomodate me?

I love when a man gives me his ass.
YUMMMMMY thoughts!

Your right boobies it is very sexy after a good flogging.

... read an excerpt from my Maestra Crown site's fortes page:

" I can't express how much I get off on taking someone with a strap-on. Girls & guys! I remember when I was 18 my older boyfriend asked if he could fuck me in the ass. I said sure only if I could fuck him in the ass?! I didnt expect him to say ok and he got an 8'' dildo. He loved the way I did him & I still never gave in! I take my time and work it out 'cause you WILL take it."


Ill be back by next week-end!

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Thanks for the responses ladies. I found an excellent provider, who happened to be visiting my area. She is more than willing to satisfy all my desires, and then some. I think we're going to have a lot of fun together. I need to check this board a lot more often.

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