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Re: My only concern would be to point out that DateCheck is NOT the end-all

Posted 5/19/2012 at 3:15:34 AM

AGREED! I only accept DC if my assistant knows the girls and the girls gave the best vouch.
There have been guys who have 20 vouches but m assistant does not know of them-for us it is the same as zero vouches. Or a guy has 3 vouches from really good girls who scored him the best and he is in. SADLY, a friend of mine had her face smashed in from a guy she knew all his real info-he worked right across the street from her apartment-so real info is not full proof either.
This is partly why when I hear comments about screening-I just ignore-my safety & comfort come before money or what some guy who obviously does not respect my wishes BEFORE he has even met me wants.
THANKFULLY, there are plenty of amazing men out there who understand exactly what you just posted.


Posted By: DirtyDaego
You can get to be a member of Date Check without them having ANY of your real information.
They don't have any of mine.
No, I'm not going to explain how publicly. That would be like a handbook for the sleazy and scary to follow. I have no desire to help them.

My point is that, in my opinion, blindly following Date Check could end up being a recipe for disaster.
It's my opinion that a lady is not TRULY safe, unless she knows the guys actual name and info.
Yes, I know there are very vocal guys who are adamantly against this, so let's not turn this thread sideways in a discussion of that. We've heard the rhetoric, we get the point, save it for a new thread.

If a lady does not have the true info about a guy, then she won't know who:
left an empty envelope
wound up acting creepy or scary
got physically abusive
showed up unexpectedly
or any of the other creepy shit I've been unfortunate enough to hear about.

Just saying "well he's so and so from Date Check" doesn't mean diddly.
Knowing who the guy is, is an insurance policy for the lady. Just like insurance....it's something you have that you hope you never have to use.

Just another reason I'd be a broke and unsuccessful provider. There's NO WAY I'd be in a compromising position, alone in a room, with someone that I have no idea who they really are.

Screening is like a lot of other things. Don't put all your eggs in one basket (meaning don't do it only one way). Just because you've gotten away with it 1,000 times doesn't mean that time number 1,001 won't be the time something bad happens.

Just sayin'


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