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Re: another hobbiest thoughts

Posted 5/15/2012 at 7:26:32 PM

Wow-thank you very much, & same here!!!


Posted By: Bigpart52
I can see one of the points that you were asked......  "Would you like a review?"  I can see this one being asked because some ladies would prefer to either keep a low profile or to lower the one they have....  Sometimes it is best to ask first.  

I have on two instances written good reviews for a lady and been asked to either edit it or remove it by the lady.  Not because it was too detailed or erotic, but because in one instance it contained one piece of information the lady did not want known.  It was not personal I would have never put anything personal in to begin with, not my style.  The other instance was because that lady did not want anymore reviews, she was lowering her exsposure and kind of semi-retiring..  I had no idea when we visited that was the case and had written reviews for her in the past so a new one was suppose to be a thank you.

As to the others where ladies have been asked if they want to write their own review or to edit it before it was submitted.... That seems a bit far and probably crosses the integrity line that should be in place.  

Brenda the fact that you have posted this thread and appear to be truly shocked about the circumstances tells me you have integrity and want the honest facts out there.  I applaude you for being so honest and in some ways brave to ask these questions.  You obviously are a very special woman.

Stay the way you are, I hope one day to meet you.



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