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Re: Apparently Florida has more freaking loser idiots than you're used to.

Posted 5/15/2012 at 5:00:00 PM

OUCH!!!! I was not offended by the questions just surprised as they all happen in the same week as my assistant making me take a deep breath and making me understand things ARE different in different areas-good bad-etc, but I just want to not be so clueless and figure out my "game plan" once my move is final!!


Posted By: DirtyDaego
Anyone who:

Asks if you should approve their review
Offers to have you write the review
Asks what to include in a review
Asks what to exclude from a review

Is an absolute spineless idiot, or game player, and has NO business being allowed on a review site.
Too bad they can't be exposed for the dumbasses they are, publicly ridiculed, then banned once the fun is over.
Reviews have no value, and negate the purpose of writing them or sites like this for posting them, if they're not objective and real.

Not that this, or any system is perfect, but I guess the percentage of men to slimy worms is higher where you come from.
I guess Florida just has too many guys with 'hanging chads' where their balls should be.

Hopefully you won't judge all FL guys based on the jerkoffs you've been exposed to thus-far.

Just sayin'


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