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Posted 1/23/2012 at 10:12:58 PM

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I'm traveling to Denver later this week on business and had a question for the locals. I've sent out a couple of requests via P411 to ladies in the area seeking an outcall to my hotel. When I've mentioned that I'm staying in Lakewood, a couple have responded that the area is questionable as hotel managers are quick to work with LE to spot girls who are not hotel guests. Obviously, if LE is there to crack down on ladies, hobbyists are in their sights too.

My question to the board is whether or not the vast majority of you feel Lakewood is someplace to avoid? Or am I being paranoid based misinformation?

Admittedly, I'm asking for a later appointment (10:00pm), if that makes a difference, as I do know it's easier to be inconspicuous earlier in the evening, but I'm stuck at dinner with a client until that point and I was hoping to have some "me time" afterwards.

If it's a no-go, then I'll just man-up and try again on another visit, but my hotel is where it is this time and I can't get away with changing it this late in the game.

Your advice is greatly appreciated.

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