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So Very Poignant! Yet at the same time, just plain idiocracy. Eom 

Posted 5/11/2012 at 4:00:00 PM


Posted By: MSHSEX
As long as the paid escort as a full set of fungus-free nails, it doesn't matter to me what they're painted with or what she does with them.


Posted By: CinnamonGFE

A question for the ladies and gents...while sitting at the nail salon today getting my toesies painted, my hands massaged (the best part, I think you ladies will concur) and finger nails graced with girly girl lacquer...I couldn't help but think of the multitudes of nail shops that adorn every block.  There must be something very sexual about a woman's nails to both a man and the woman that carries them.  Anyone care to comment?

Do you like:
1. Long nails?
2. Short nails?
3. Real or fake?
4. Does it matter what they look like?
5. Does it matter what she does with them?
6. Have you ever seen a really sexy nail job or one that completely turned you off?

Any favorite colors, glitter, decals?  French tipped toes? 

 A woman's nails are an extension of her femininity and her touch can be either lethally erotic or a slow groove.  

Might nails be a part of the mystique?Where do you like your lady friend to run the tips of her nails?  On your back?  Your chest?  Your balls?

Any of you gents go for manicures or pedicures just to stay neat and trim or do you just chew them off and spit the remains out the car window?


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