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We all do have an opinion

Posted 5/11/2012 at 1:05:53 PM

and feel we are all justified to voice it.

It's like a double edged sword.  While we all have the right to voice our opinion, I firmly believe if you have nothing nice to say then don't!!!

Sadly I have seen personal attacks and soo much unnecessary drama on this and other boards. To me it's just a useless waste of time and energy.  It is VERY VERY rare that I ever join in on the drama because that is just not who I am.  However, I do read and "DO" pay very close attention to what is being said. Many times over I have seen things and thought to myself "stay away from that person".

So, while we all have a right to our opinion and have a right to voice it...we also have the right to read it and must move on. That is the best thing about being an adult...we chose what we want to put into our brains..


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