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I wasn't going to say anything....

Posted 5/10/2012 at 5:49:42 PM

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... since you know, the original question was for providers but if I may respectfully give my $0.02.

In my younger days I used to... get around. I liked to mess around a LOT (I was in college, let me be), sometimes with ladies that were...uhm... married. An angry husband called me one day about 20 times and left about 10 Voicemails... He was angry and threatening. He continued for a few days...

You know what? I ignored it.

And after about a week, he never bothered again. I wasn't "scared" nor did I need a testosterone-fueled pissing contest with the dude. But I respected my privacy and HER privacy and did not want to complicate things for her even more.

So... I guess my point is, as others have said already that IGNORING it works... even on stubborn guys.

PS> If you care about story endings... They never divorced (far as I know, this was long ago). Go figure...

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