and where do expect the
martythewall 35 Reviews 846 reads

penetrations to be?

kmach001x1323 reads

Hey there everyone...  I love double teaming a hot, insatiable lady and was wondering if a Tampa hobbyist wanted to join in if we can find a willing provider.  It's such kinky, dirty fun!  No male-male action, but DP is a must; we really gotta shoot for the full PSE right?  Fellow hobbyists and providers, let me know if you're interested or know someone who would be.

and will gladly travel to Tampa...been awhile since I did this and have to admit being ravished is a mighty fun thing...

Let me know and we can all discuss the details...

speeddy43639 reads

I would partake in that party if you like. Sounds like fun

Sqeekyclean739 reads

Ears, nostrils, you know the holes.
Sorry but that was the dumbest question ever!

JackH4400587 reads

I've never "shaken hands across her back" before, but it would probable be fun.  I'm in...   Figuratively and literally.  Maybe one of the fine ladies of Discrete Meets would like to be the recipient!

kmach001x803 reads

I'm weighing the options and we'll see where it goes...  I'll let y'all know what comes of it!

thumpher798 reads

I have enjoyed this with the now retired Barbie, MissyK, Kelligrl, JessieJames, and my exSO.  Its been a couple of years and I'm ready.  I'm just starting to get back into the Tampa hobby after enjoying a very willing SO for a few years.  I was hoping I might be able to set something like this up with a greek friendly provider in Tampa or Orlando as I'm from the Ocala area.  Might be worth trying for 3 guys and a willing provider.  Any of the ladies up for a DP with your mouth full?

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