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Learning, learning, learning.

Posted 5/2/2012 at 10:29:05 AM

Thank you all so much for your replies. Haley, you're such a sweet lady- you've been an enormous help to me. I can't thank you enough. :)

And thank you hardwood for the compliment on my lips. :)

Gatorjimmy, thanks for your response. My blog is mostly my site- with all the requisite info. The "philosophy" part is only a page on that- not even the first page. So nobody has to read it if they don't want to. (and judging by my stats, they don't. lol!) As Haley said, I just use that as a template, as I like it's functionality. I have a blog in my civilian world and it's familiar to me.

And BP might be too risky at the moment.

Now to work on getting my next two reviews so I can get onto the provider's board...

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