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Re: Faces. One has to read the reviews closely

Posted 5/1/2012 at 12:36:37 PM

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I completely understand why most girls don't show their faces. In fact, I'm suprised more of the ladies don't blur them even more. I hate to say that because I am very much a face man. I love a pretty face. I'd take a 9 face with a 7 body over a 7 face and a 9 body every day. Give me a 9-9 and I'm a customer for life.
I like to see a mix of pics. I don't mind the studio shots, some of the shots are incredibly hot! However, I need to see some more amatuer photos to confirm that the studio shots are reasonably accurate. I also like to see a variety of shots so that I can get a better idea of a lady's true shape.  Your photos should be a fair and accurate depiction of your body type.
I do look for reviews from guys that I know have a history of writing accurate reviews. I pay close attention to their description of the provider's features. Many guys will write that the lady looked worse, just like, or better than her photos. It's hard work, it pays nothing, but the research is priceless.

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