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Gents & ladies..a poll about posting photos on our websites???

Posted 4/25/2012 at 12:59:14 PM

As a provider that is constantly getting new photos, I would love your opinions. I am sure the ladies would like to see the feedback too so we know what pleases you!!!

Currently on my website when I get new photos I put them on all my pages, except the galleries. Then I move the older photos into the galleries.  At this time I have galleries for separate years and mark the photos with the date it was taken. It is alot of work getting new photos and reorganizing our websites...however it is also fun too!!

I feel it is soo important to keep photos current so that you know what you will see when you come and visit with me.  It is fact that we all change over time.  However, there are sooo many sexy, great photos that have been taken in the past I hate to not put them up. Plus, I and I am sure the other ladies do as well, love getting messages from the gents that tell us which photos they enjoy.

As most of us ladies know how important it is keep our photos current...what about how we organize them on our websites.  

So...what do you prefer?
1.  Only keep recent photos taken within the last 3-6 months?
2.  Only keep photos taken within the last year?
3.  Create only one page for all older photos but yet a great selection for your viewing?
3.  Create galleries or folders of all past photos, of course with the date on them?
4.  What do you feel is the limit to photos on our websites? Is too much really a turn off?

Ladies and gents feel free to give your feedback.  This is meant to be a constructive, helpful post.  Please if you have nothing positive to say...then please refrain...

I am excited to see the answers and how we can all better serve those who view our websites.


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