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This is too funny.... 

Posted 4/20/2012 at 6:41:42 AM

...I could just imagine the review:

10-One in a lifetime, 4-She just laid there.

I first saw Dolly Roboto advertised at AVN in Las Vegas. With all of the hype I knew I had to meet her. I typically like independent girls, so having to go through her owner was different for me. But in all fairness, Doug is a good guy and made meeting Dolly very easy. I went to the company's office for our scheduled meeting. VIP's read on....

I entered a dim room that was sparsely decorated and just had a couch and a coffee table. There was a box of tissues on the table and a vending machine in the corner offering soda and snacks. There she was propped up on the couch. Her skin was smooth and flawless. Her proportions were amazing just like a Barbie doll. Her makeup was perfectly applied and never faded the entire time we were together. It was like it was permanently applied. As I entered, she "Hello, please sit down." I sat next to Dolly Roboto. She then said"How may I help you". Her voice is a little mechanical and I felt as though she wasn't really into it. I like to kiss, and she never attempted to kiss me. In fact, she just sat there. I kissed her, but her skin was cold and she did not respond. I could tell she really wasn't into it. So, since I was already there, I was determined to blow a load. I said I wanted a blow job. She replied,"Insert your penis into the opening in my head." So I stood up and did so. It felt kind of weird. Not warm at all. It could have been me, but she seems real cold. After a few strokes, I was getting a bit hard, so I decided I wanted to fuck her. I said,"Dolly let me feel you" to which she replied, "remove my panties and insert your penis into the first hole below." I did so. As I said, her skin is flawless, but it feels stiff. Can't quite put my finger on it. At this point I know I made a wrong decision, but who was I to say no. I inserted my penis into the first hole. I though about some of my best experiences just to get off. Finally, I did. She did not even offer to help clean up or even get up for that matter. I used a tissue, cleaned up and got the hell out of there. I would not repeat. Her conversation in limited at best, and basically, she just laid there.  Don't waste your money. There are many good looking girls who will interact.  She was very mechanical. Don't think she is into it.  

...lol...this is just too funny. Are they serious with this?  It is kind of sad to think with all of the sickness and poverty and other world issues going on, a company that can build robots actually designed one for sex instead of something more useful. The article says she comes complete with "artificial intelligence". What is that? Is that like she is faking it? Will she start posting on TER? Great, just what we need, a flood of more girls posting :):):)


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