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Re: Best on April 27th

Posted 4/18/2012 at 4:13:33 AM

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I have been searching for what Fridays " rehearsal " is going to entail ...........
Pretty empty search's and the locals I have spoken to said not really much goes on on Friday as far as practice runs .
They stated that the earlier runs last month gave them the data they needed .
I am going down around noon anyway . I live about 2 miles from A1A and Sunrise , so no big loss to be on the beach drinking beer in anticipation of a bikini or low flying fast , loud airplane as I see it :)

They also said all planes go south to north , turn out over the ocean , and then do one more run , full throttle coming right at you from the east !

I'll be at Cafe Bluefish around 4pm for sure . Ask the bartender to point out " shipyard Mike " .

PS - I do understand that the Sunrise bridge will be closed like Wends . or Thursday . Probably ALL the checkpoints and traffic patterns to be honest .

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