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Lynn Stone (the blonde) and Veronica Devil, in Rocco Ravishes Prague 2 (2000), scene #4.

Posted 1/21/2011 at 6:24:19 PM

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Just a note: Lynn Stone, who in the scene play Amanda, got an instant fame at that time when she performed that blistering deep-throat that makes her mascara smear...
The second cock at the end of the sequence is of Nacho Vidal...
The entire scene, who also as another brunette, Miriam, is about long 1 hour, and its a classical mountering and savage sequence of sex in all possible position.
I recall that many critics got disappointed about a little detail: the lights in the blistering deep-throat are very poor, because the scene was shot in a Hotel room in Prague, and the window created a shadow effect that make that sequence less than perfect from a technical stand point.
Still, a blistering deep-throat sequence, not many other ladies have taked Rocco's pole that deep and for so long in a single scene.
Rocco shot some of the most outstanding stuff when working on scene with Nacho...

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