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Just asking!! No harm, no foul!! EOM 

Posted 6/12/2012 at 2:05:39 PM

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Posted By: Sage of Chicago
that rather then answering my phone when I have it but can't talk I should just let it go to VM instead?  Sometimes I do, sometimes I don't which is in effect my call.  However since in my experience if I don't answer many will skip leaving a VM assuming I will be busy for hours, when like today I needed about 2mins to return home.  So, I asked if I could call back.  Should have been simple but this profession seldom is simple.

I am not going to argue my motives, nor am I going to explain further.  I made my choice, it wasn't a harmful one and I did nothing wrong.  I am however trying to impart a little wisdom since this is not a unique experience.  Unfortunately I probably missed a great guy today because he called me on a fax line.  He also could have called me back as well since he knew he was calling on a fax #.  Oh well, can just hope the rest of my calls are all from great and yummy guys!!!


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