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I'm visiting in July. There's interesting stuff on eros, but some are unrated.  Any 411 on the following would be appreciated (both currently in Chi-town Eros):
unreal pictures from 2012, if true
claims to be top ten rated, but can’t find her

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But first off for the love of God please post link to here Eros ads, Not email address.
It's not that hard, just highlight and copy the web address and either copy it right in to the ad or link the space below that says Link URL.

OK not that I got that off my chest, this is what I found

Link to Eros ad:
Found these reviews:

For ashleyanders69@yahoo
Link to Eros ad:
Found these reviews:


MeinarschunddeinGesicht413 reads

As to your first comments, I can only apologize that I had the same problem others have had with trying to link to Eros ads.  That is, the link seems to always go the the general city Eros listing, not the specific provider.  I'll try your suggestions next time.

james6910502 reads

The first one has no good reviews and the reviewers for Ashley have never reviewed anyone else. Very suspicious, I would stay clear.

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