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You're not alone, but why the Alias? 

Posted 6/5/2012 at 7:48:03 PM

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I can't say I really fantasize about them much, but I also find red haired women with freckles very attractive.  I did have one girlfriend in college ..tall, willowy, blue green eyes and long hair . . I think my attraction to red haired and freckled women really started with her.  

Don't really know of anyone providing locally with freckles, though.

Not sure I would tell you if I did.  Why make your OP under an Alias?  It hardly seems likely to embarrass you or anyone your handle has been linked to?  Nor does it seem likely to offend anyone. It's your call, of course; i'm not the Board or  Alias police, but it seems fishy to ask for specific help/names on something so innocuous under an Alias.  I think you'd be more likely to get names under your real handle, particularly if you have posted reviews.

Or am I just getting paranoid?

No personal attack intended.  Just curious about your and others' thoughts.

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