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Then who is going to operate the Camcorder? 

Posted 5/30/2012 at 9:46:29 PM

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That happens a lot with places like this and agencies that have incall, you often just don't know it.  I have visited Asian agencies before where was a MAMASAN in the other room.  Once she actually came out and said hi and gave me a little kiss before I left.  In that case she was actually a surprisingly good looking older Asian lady, in fact as far as I was concerned she could have joined us.  Granted I have not seen the situation where the other person was a guy, but one could have been there without my knowing.  


Posted By: BrianDG
I absolutely agree.  The presence of another guy in this situation is a huge turn-off.  Simply put, one is not paying to be with another guy, no matter what the alleged reason for his being there.  I've had this place on my radar for some months, but the "manager" situation is  a deal-breaker for me.


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