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#1-Don't,stop.. Don't, stop.. don't stop, don't stop, don't stop!! EOM

Posted 5/25/2012 at 2:34:00 PM

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Posted By: Sage of Chicago
Decided to do 2 today.  1 funny and 2 sexy

If you choose to comment on 1 put 1 beside your caption.  If you want to comment on 2, then put a 2.  I will do both and show you how it is done.  Bare(LOL) with me I am unsure if I can put 2 in this message so if I can't I will put the other in a response.

Remember ONLY positive responses.  Respond in the subject line for easy reading and not in the body of the message.  Write as many as you like!!!  

Caption 1

Caption 2

Sorry, but you will have to click these as it will not allow them in the pic url below to display directly!!

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