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Not looking to barter but do we have a local mechanic in the house?

Posted 5/20/2012 at 10:48:02 AM

I have to vent. Friday I had a simple task to replace my license plate bulb and one headlight bulb. Suddenly my a/c was no longer cool. After I purchased my bulbs I  noticed that I was next door to a place that did service a/c as well as other kinds of auto problems.Deciding on if I should purchase a can of 134A I was talked out of that by the store manager who told me the substance in the can that has leak prevention chemical can cause my compressor to go bad if I have a leak.So I asked the auto repair store to take a look.The mechanic came back and told me I needed a new relay switch.Gave me my estimate and I let him take care of the problem.So I thought.After three hours of waiting,I paid,and said so everything is ok? No leaks ? Nope you're good to go.I was on my way. Drove to the end of the parking lot to the street and I had no cold air. Drove it back in and said hey what gives here? Ugh.. I dunno come back tomorrow and we will check.WTF???

Ok so it was 9PM I understand tired - and the guys all looked wiped out.I am considerate and I went back the next day. I now have a new other component I can't recall its name and I say ok install it. No charge he says. Oh good I think.Then he comes to me and tells me that I have all sorts of leaks and I need a new compressor but that they have to really check more things out.By now I feel like my vehicle is an zebra in a clinical trial. I am then quoted all sorts of work for my A/C and out the door $1500.00. I drive to the end of the lot and my temp needle is on H . WTF!!!! Drive it back . Ok why is my car running hot? Ugh I dunno.

I finally ask them to put my old gadgets back on and pay me back. They comply. My car is no longer running hot there is some cold air  but I also can't drive it too far before its on H once again.We had a very mild winter so how can I have a leak? All my fluids are there and fresh. My gaskets could have blew had I drivin home like that  it ran that high to H. So maybe not using a so called reputable outfit who has no clue what they are doing , is there an honest ASE certified guy in the house? The business that  I went to said if someone I take my vehicle to says it's something that they have done that caused my problem , they will eat the bill. Shouldn't they have checked for leaks the night before?

PM if you know about this kind of stuff I would discuss the costs with someone who knows what
he is doing .




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