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Re: Wrong on all counts

Posted 9/5/2011 at 1:47:47 PM

Oh really? Me Suspicious? An LMT for over 15yrs that takes countless hours of continued education every so often on the very subject and grew up in a family of body workers and chiropractors doesn't know what they're talking about when it comes to any massage laws in any given state ? Hmmmm .
Last I checked the OCAP office has reopened & they tend to frown upon that behavior.

Fyi id be careful where you Jack off if I were you too, as some legit therapists might call LE on you for doing it.
Implication can be just as bad doing the act itself . Ask any provider who's been arrested .

In the link I've added I will mention that most of the time they wont do anything
unless there are a significant amount of complaints against the establishment or the practitioner and that takes a lot of time and effort .


Posted By: push_pull
Self massage is perfectly legal. You need to cover your back by stating clearly that monies exchanged are not for sexual act between you. MsDynamite, you do say some very spurious things on this board.


Posted By: MsDynamite
Actually I happen to love my job otherwise I wouldn't be in it for as long as I have. I also wouldn't have over 3,000 hrs of training & tons of CEU's to back it up.
Here's how one of your fave DIY 's showed an example of how they think they're better than a handjob ho :
A worker from a well know shop came on to a discussion board on another site and bitches about how she didn't want to be reviewed there told clients to quit sexually harassing them yada yada or they'd take legal action, she then went on putting down the ladies that give HE as if we all can't make money unless doing so and that she, her coworkers are somehow better than them because they didn't have to get their hands "dirty" so to speak.

Being on both sides of the spectrum I abide by certain laws and know them well at my other job.
The other thing is I make just as much money doing either one,
I just happen to get bored with the pragmatic routine of legitimate bodywork .

I'm not a research assistant go do your own homework.

Sorry you aren't smart enough to realize that taking your clothes off masturbating yourself,
watching a Guy Jack off isn't legal during a therapeutic massage.
Its still considered to be prostitution to some degree .
So Yes its the same as being a full on ho and not any better if you just went to a parlor that provides HE ++
If it wasn't then they wouldn't be able to bust people based off of a phone conversation like they have.

I could go on about how wording in an ad can help land you in handcuffs too. But that's another thread.

Tantra may be legal and taxable but its same deal,  true tantra practioners/healers dont encourage you to get off like that during session because when you do that, you cant legally charge anyone for it.
I happen to notice people MN have a VERY WARPED perception of what tantra actually is too.

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