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Ava Devine's Latest scene Yuck!

Posted 9/26/2010 at 3:01:19 PM

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I love Ava Devine and having met her a number of times I am looking forward to our next meeting. But she doesnt tour anymore staying in Vegas. But at least I can enjoy her porn scenes since she un-retired back in January though she has told me she doesnt have any plans to do any new scenes as of last month.
That being said, I think many of us have seen the outtake where she is doing reverse anal cowgirl on a guy and has a rectal prolapse episode.
Well in her latest film Deep Anal Abyss 3" she manages to top that outtake. On purpose. She is paired up with Adrianna Nicole for some lesbian action before a male enters. Ava at one point pushes her rectum out and lets just say Adrianna has some fun with it. Porn isnt known for spending money on special effects so what you see is real and it isnt pretty. This scene is just a huge turnoff.  I am not going to go into detail here but it is just ugh. Watch it once. Show it to your friends. But then fast foward through future viewings.

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