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Is DIY massage legal??

Posted 9/4/2011 at 3:02:44 PM

I've been to a few massages lately where the providers says its stricly DIY and they don't touch your private area. I've repeated with some of the providers, hoping that they might upgrade the menu for familiar clients, but have had no luck so far. Those of you who have massages probably know the group of girls i'm talking about. I've asked them why its strictly only DIY. The response i've gotten is usually because they want to stay within the means of the law and don't want trouble with LE's. So i'm wondering, is DIY massage really legal? I'm not familiar with massage laws, but a nude girl encouraging you to relase, and you pay her for it. In the beginning its a different experience, DIY, but have gotten the hang of it, and the girls are pretty, plus they are cheaper. But anyone wanna shed light on if its really legal.

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