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Good point

Posted 4/25/2012 at 7:52:28 AM

I do think there is miscommunication sometimes in that regard.  This is my personal thing, but I love a lady that just goes for it and/or asks if I want to go again.  Whenever that happens, I think "Yup, she's a keeper."  Sadly enough, this is far from the norm.  However, I will just ask if I'm really up for it.  I sort of don't like to ask cause it makes me feel like they aren't interested in it enough to ask themselves.  I am here and paying, so I feel it is clear what I want.  And really, a big part of "GFE" for me is the idea that this is mutual... the "forgot it was a service" review rating.  But like I said, it is a thing of miscommunication.  I am sure there are guys who think nothing like me and it really must be tough on the lady to read our minds.  For what it's worth, sometimes I'm perfectly happy with 1 shot.  I do like knowing going in that multiple shots are on the table though in the event that I'm quick on the trigger.

But this rant of mine wasn't really about those ladies.  I appreciate the thought on your part.  I'm talking about ladies that straight up don't offer it, who seem bothered to offer it, or who charge extra for it.

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