Real ass vs fake ass?
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Guys which do you prefer?
and what if your fucking the fake ass and it starts to deflate or leak, what do you do?
ladies what do you think?

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Posted By: EvaGodiva
Guys which do you prefer?
and what if your fucking the fake ass and it starts to deflate or leak, what do you do?
ladies what do you think?
   Why are you asking, are you considering getting some sort of an inflatable ass?

.....@ what if it starts to leak.

Hmmm fake asses are not created equal....i've seen them well-done where you wouldn't know the difference. Not all "fake" asses are silicone or implants, there a few more "natural" procedures to shape/lift/enhance.

Eh in a nutshell we'd all love to tell everyone to be happy with what they're born with BUT  if you're going to do it then please find the right doctor and make sure your ass looks fairly proportionate to your body.     Unlike the pic below (product of silicone injections and implants).....

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Getting that brown fecal color in the lube is not always easy, unless you are saving it from your last real ass. Having said that, fake ass is handy on the go.

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I really like a big booty, but I want it real.  I think I have only had one woman with butt implants. I don't like huge fake cans, so I guess I wouldn't like fake junk in the trunk.

I can understand like how fake bobbies have a stiffiness & hardness and lets not forget how they sit straight up but how do you know when a booty is fake? Because my ass is 100% real and it sit up and was hard as rock at one point. If I don't plan on getting boobies I damn sure isn't getting no ass!!! Wait I have enough of both!!!

trying to decipher the real from the fake can be challenging for a Guy.
it also depends on what kind of booty a girl decides to get.
sometimes girls go underground to get a good deal and get the wrong booty.
I highly doubt that ill ever need booty help,  as mine is juicy and big just the way it is.
as for tits ....ill maybe go a cup or two up ....

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Some sit on the tissue just like fake breasts.  Additonally, if the woman is not completely toned, they stand out just like guys who get calf implants. The muscle around the implant is soft yet you feel a firm parabolic thing. I ran track in high school and division I college. I kinda like booties.

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what the hell is a fake ass

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A well shaped natural ass is preferred, but if I get into that situation, I am keeping on until I bust the cap. Then, take her to an emergency room if that is her pleasure. Fake anything comes with a price. Natural and real are best and if a woman takes care of herself, her complexion, boobs, waistline, and ass will reflect that.

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