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Thanks vogliofarti for clearing that up. I think it's mostly myth too, but

Posted 6/18/2002 at 7:54:27 AM

the question was whether TS providers statistically have better bj skills than GGs, given the same center of attention. I'm not sure you addressed that, but I appreciate your other observations for casting a few lumens of light upon this incredibly complex phenomenon. It may be that the mapping of the human genome will reveal dna relevant to bj giving and receiving, that we may read some day in Science or Nature.
I must reluctantly ask if you know whether "vogliofarti" in Swiss Romanisch means "Bird Farts"? If not, avoid that part of Switzerland. Some sadistic burgher might light you for a sick laugh. You see "vogel" means bird in German, and you know what "farti" means, probably a Latin plural.
Perhaps you can find an amusing alias instead.
Please do not take offense. None is intended at all.
Pam's Schlong, for short

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