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Re:hummm another scheme to profit

Posted 4/2/2002 at 9:00:28 AM

Hadn't even thought about it from that standpoint, but now that you bring it up I agree with you.  I was thinking about it purely from a standpoint of an option that would allow the legislature to put it on the floor for a vote.

From this position a legislator could bring it up that it's a business that will be with us always, that LE efforts do nothing more than move it around or at best slow it down for a brief period.  They can then bring up the positive aspects of full legalization (besides tax revenue) such as safety for providers, provide a better future since the stigma of an arrest records would be gone, etc, etc, etc.

The stadium funding issue just gives them a good reason to bring it up, other than purely on it's own merits which none of them would do.

BTW, I go to about 1 Twins game a year, baseball don't exactly turn my crank (though I would like to see the Twins stick around).



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