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Posted 4/9/2012 at 8:29:18 AM

Good candids can be a great way to show something of the provider's personality, which is important to me.  Professional photos are often more about the photographer than the provider.  That said, show the whole body.


Posted By: Jordan_Carter
Hello everyone! I've been playing around with photos on my iPhone and to me and my girlfriend who also provides...they look pretty damn good!

Whenever I'm browsing online, I get most intrigued by the ladies that have professional and candids. Professional photo quality varies and the retouching can sometimes add more or take things away from the picture. So this is why the candids intrigue me. Of course, good balance is key.

What are your thoughts on candid pics? Is there such a thing as TOO many candid photos? Looking forward to your thoughts.

- J


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