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Re: Looklum Where is your cape???

Posted 4/8/2012 at 8:02:42 AM

does the "TRUTH" hurt,I call out anything if I see it's wrong,does writing FAKE reviews give you
credibility,what's the big deal about writing reviews????(is that the only thing you know in life
there is a word "HONEST" study it) I am not doing this for anyone,but if I see anyone being wrongly attack,
I will speak out, just for your info my credibility is "SOLID"


Posted By: Axxel


Posted By: looklum
TP provider KATE has not even started yet,she is not even in CHICAGO,but this guy NUDUS 81 has a review out
already claiming he has visited her in CHICAGO already,she has never been to CHICAGO before,give me a breakdadedu he has nothing good to say about TP

Looklum who are you to be calling anyone out????   You have no reviews, you showed up here in Febuary, and every single one of your posts is cheerleading for TP.  If anything you are an agent of TP or a white knight.  You have no credibility.

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