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Re: I stand by my revies

Posted 4/6/2012 at 5:25:10 PM

just for your info NUDUS 81 I went back and did a search,the last three providers who work
at that location,was ALICE, CHANEL,ANGEL V(which you claim you paid for GFE service and
did not get GFE sorry ANGEL V does not do GFE service other reviewers had stated that in
there reviews and was also stated at TP website another flat out lie) does any above
providers name sounds like KATE,let the readers be the judge,what I also find very funny is
that you said you just pick the location (which is the same one you always go to)
what happen if it's the same provider who you just trash in your reviews,would you go back
to see her again does this make any sense to any body !!!!!,I think you are a competitor or
has been black listed by TP
by the way the language we use in united state is *ENGLISH* not *ENGRISH*

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