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Re: NO WAY....

Posted 11/29/2011 at 3:36:30 PM

It is ironic that I found this thread today and I had a request not more than 10 minutes ago asking for pse because he didn't want to wear a cover?  I had no idea that "pse" actually meant bareback as I always thought it just meant an expanded menu.  Does anyone have a history on that?


Posted By: amsterdam69696
I am sorry but BBF is like playing russian roulette with you life. There is no amount of money worth risking my health/life. Shit even the porn industy has outbreaks :( And they all go get tested and have results.. Still doesn't mean that you are safe! I will never offer this service. I have been getting asked about it alot latley... It is a complete turn off to me when someone would even think to ask. Come on it is just common sense we need to be safe reguardless if you are just a civi or a hobbiest/provider. NO WAY...


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