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Re: Snobbishness is a big part of it 

Posted 10/24/2011 at 5:50:47 AM

Hi thank you for kindly answering my question if I didn't post on backage I would have no regular source of income I'm very nice, classy, and well spoken and no mattter where you choose an escort from to me basically all girls are doing and selling the same thing.Thats why I was wondering why alot of men on TER are bashing escorts on backpage because I now that I'm not even close to all the negative things they say about escorts on backpage.When I receive my new ID in the mail I will also start posting on EROS I will say TER and other professional sites are just lower risk. I've tried other places like rs2k preferred411 and datecheck but I need reviews before I can even get on the website. Thats what made me come to TER so I can start becoming more known and start getting reviews. I have only been escorting for  month so I am still learning. Once again thank you for kindly replying to my question :)

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