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Can't understand stripper thinking

Posted 6/13/2012 at 12:48:03 PM

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I went to a strip club over the weekend.   "All dances $20" is posted on a big sign.   I asked a lady if she wanted to dance for me.  She said ok.  Walked back to the couches/bed and she informs me $20 basic, topless $30, nude $40.  This is for one 3-4min song.   I declined.   I told her the sign says all dances $20.  ( I have been to this club before and received many $20 nude dances).


Given that there were no other customers in the club and she had no other opportunities to make any money why didn't she negotiate.  Stupid.  She could have offered me 3 songs nude for $40.  She still makes more money than $0.

Am I missing something?


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