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Both of the Hotels...... 

Posted 6/11/2012 at 7:20:32 AM

your staying at have wonderful pools.
You wouldnt need a cabana to have fun .

I have some further detail for you about the pool and beach club that may be able to help you during your stay.
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Posted By: Nakedisbest
My question is are there hotel pools  that you can go to with a lovely provider and NOT have to get a cabana? But still be able to get some chairs etc. have some fun pool  and sun time maybe lunch before a dessert ? Without breaking the bank!
I would rather save my funds for the ladies during my stay than pay for cabanas.
Not trying to be cheap just want to enjoy 4 long days in Vegas.
Staying at Wynn / Encore.

Are there ladies that would partake?

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Using alias as to not offend previous lovelies I have seen or might see during my trip.


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