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Posted 6/8/2012 at 2:59:32 AM

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Notice the guy who was smart enough to come up with the choreography of this video back in the 80's did not have strippers with tats all over them?

Sure.. that was done back in the 80's before the tattoo's on hotty days but The Pamela Anderson days are over with. (Personally, I always thought she was hotter before she got all of the tats.)

My point exactly compared to the commercial for his place. Not only that...  Vince's ego has taken over for advertising the strip joint where there are more pics of him then the ladies on the site. No offense... I'm not going there for lap dances from Vince and the Crue.

Love the music... but I want to toss $20's to hotties.


Posted By: lvchi4u
Ya know... every time I see the commercial come across for his place with the girls covered in Tattoos... I'm thinking that's like so 10 years ago.

Fuck... grew up on Motley Crue back in the '80's but even back then.... all of the hotties at the concerts that used to throw their panties and bras on stage were not covered in tattoos.

Just my thoughts.... he needs to be running some commercials where the ladies look a little classier to get more people in.

I certainly appreciate a hottie or two with classy tattoos. But all of them in a TV commercial that look like burned out groupies covered in tats? Just does not motivate me to go there and I love the Strip clubs / go to them all of the time.

Got to hang out with Vince once. Cool guy but whoever is handling his advertising should be fired pronto. Guys want variety to choose from when they go to a strip club. When they all look the same in advertising and not appealing to the guys getting away from their wives for the night who actually make money and have disposable income, not a good recipe for success.

And this is coming from somebody who was going to Spearmint Rhino when it was empty and Crazy Horse Too was the place to go. (Of course... I was going to Crazy Horse Too in the 90's!)

I'd love to come in and make this the place to go to just working on Vince's name. No shortage of us that grew up on the Crue who now have money to spend. The advertising is just horrendous in my opinion. Have not gone in yet.... but that's because I'm really not motivated to do so with the advertising.

SR, Sapphires, Treasures --- they are not advertising ladies covered in Tats that look like their prime was over a decade ago and that's why they are packed.

Just my thoughts...

Hate me all you want but I'm in Advertising and I know what makes the majority spend money.


Posted By: IMALLIN
Vince Neil was there that night, did a few songs with the band. I like the concept of mixing live rock bands with strippers, but he's got a problem. How can he draw hot looking women when the clientele are not the type who throw a lot of money away on lap dances? I don't know if he can, but he sure didn't that night and it was a Saturday.

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