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that part is interesting..... there is a flip side, too

Posted 8/14/2011 at 9:41:28 AM

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it can be even more interesting if the older woman with ice in her eyes is one you know socially. it happened once. in that case maintaining something of a "disreputation" is an advantage: it goes no further than the glacial glance, at least to your face. folks will talk among themselves. appeals for reform go nowhere. ;-)

but the flip side is how the younger guys react. some of the ladies dress a bit provocatively, and in that case the young-uns kind of smirk knowingly or enviously. my (so far) youngest provider friend dresses very simply, attractively, and not to draw attention. in that case the young guys are in a state of total confusion: "is she paid? is she his daughter? she doesn't look like him! but then again.. maybe...".

it's a little extra entertainment. ;-)

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