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How bi is she? advice (long)

Posted 5/31/2012 at 11:54:16 AM

Like in my daydreams bi? tipsy and kiss a girl bi? was bi in college?

Similar to Jenny I get quite a few gentleman that are interested in setting up a
sensual couples massage experience but haven't quite flushed out the details with their
The KEY to this working for women and you getting the experience you want is
her comfort level. It won't be sleazy or disgusting of you make it about having fun with her.

"Jane, we should get into some trouble when we go to Vegas this trip. Any ideas?) (big grin)
wait for her answer. you say>>>
We should
-see how many strangers we can flirt with
-have a clown come over
-I've always wanted to be with 2 women.
It would turn me on to be AROUND you and another hot girl.
What if we called someone over to JUST hang out with us?

*** In my experience, even with shy women- One cocktail, 2 hot women and no pressure you will
get all the FIREWORKS you're looking for but you need the go ahead from her to invite a provider or
massage person over.***

You'll be able to gauge her reaction and see which way you should go. My advice would be different if
this were your SO but this way you'll at least get it out there.

Feel free to PM me if I can make any of this clearer.
-  Rose

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