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Posted 5/30/2012 at 3:57:33 PM

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Hi All,
My FWB and I are coming to Vegas this summer. She is bi. We have batted around the idea of a threesome, but we haven't really fleshed out the details. I really want this to happen, since I have never experienced it.

Two questions: Should I just try my luck at a local club or make arrangements with one of the ladies on the board? We are both young, fairly attractive, and could probably meet someone for a fling. If I do choose to go with the sure thing, how do I broach the subject of calling an escort? I am not sure how she'd feel about "hiring" someone. Would she be disgusted? Would she think I am a total perv (Well, I am, but...).

Any advice or tips from the ladies or gents would be appreciated. Backchannel or via the messageboard.

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