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Re: strip club vip rooms

Posted 5/28/2012 at 10:19:07 PM

Thanks for the suggestion.  That definitely is an option I've considered.  Not sure how you think it would be cheaper though; paying the lady AND a dancer for the same amount of time?  I have taken a lady to a club before and it's the same problem/hassle I'm trying to avoid.  Namely, it's hit or miss if the dancer's dances are any good (which is subjective anyway) and if she's actually going to hang out with you at a table or if she's going to go after the next customer.  I especially don't want to negotiate for how much her time is worth and then deal with it if internal clock is running fast.  It's a much more enjoyable and relaxing when arrangements have already been made.  I've done this twice before in Phoenix and Colorado Springs and it works great.  Lots of fun, low risk, safe environment and if you end up wanting more than dancing, not too difficult to arrange for that.  Cost wise, it's probably about as pricey as a dinner date for the same amount of time.

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