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ATTENTION....of course

Posted 5/27/2012 at 11:17:16 PM

we are in agreement. ;-) ;-) No worries about that. It's all good.
I did say -
'I am sure if you knew about all these things before you posted , you would have never even made such a post."

Just personally not buying the whole "I used an Alias, because I am a newbie and didn't know better and I thought that's what people do here".
Because it doesn't take a rocket science to see that posts here mostly start with the original handle name , regardless how things are done on "other forms" .
Since that is what you do for a living and you are very savvy , ( well you did figure out everything else ;-) ;-) )
So you didn't see what people do here till after your posted ......... OK, if you say so ;-) ;-)

No worries , no big deal . I do not mean that you meant any harm or anything bad .
I just don't like lame excuses and prefer honesty.
Like you could have just said -  Due to the nature of the subject I chose to use an Alias ;-)
but that's me , I just prefer honesty.

Again , no worries not thinking anything bad of you. It's all good.
Enjoy all Vegas has to offer
Poker , Beautiful Ladies ....... and just be careful at the BJ tables.........
but enjoy the BJ's   LOL LOL LOL
xoxo CindySpice

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